Investigation Firms

Polonious brings enhanced organization, tracking and automation to investigation management. The system manages the process from referral to close, driving best practices throughout.

Real time information, dashboards and timelines contributes to operational efficiency and the most effective use of resources. The result is improved outcomes and savings on operational costs.

The cost benefits of moving to a single point of reference for users, vendors, clients and specialists with integrated messaging and document management enables an impressive return on investment.

Polonious works with all our clients to define their business processes and replicate them within the solution. We also assist and manage the implementation and adoption of the solution.

Save 20 – 40% of operational costs.
Track and manage costs.
Ensure compliance.
Up-to-the-minute status and progress of cases.
Facilitates collaboration with internal and external suppliers and clients.
Provides information on key metrics, such as cycle time and process bottlenecks.

Why Polonious?
✓ NO large initial investment.
✓ NO development costs.
✓ NO delay.

✓ YES return on investment.
✓ YES return on assets.
✓ YES business continuity.

Polonious allows you to have an enterprise solution up and running without the delay or costs usually involved.

We have a proven history of success delivering advanced solutions to market leading organizations.

We continuously invest in research and development and product improvement to ensure our customers always have the latest tools at their disposal.

We remove the unknown and often surprising costs involved with many IT projects.

Built in integration with leading accounting solutions such as MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks.

Choosing a robust case management tool as the centre of your business ensures you can focus on your primary business and not become a software development or support company.

Dashboards allow users to easily navigate and filter cases to identify workloads, potential bottlenecks, delays or resource issues and make decisions in real time. 

Defined business processes ensures best practice, ownership by participants, accurate measurement, easier training, better outcomes, consistent practices and easier reporting. Process redesign is then possible bases on rigorously collected data.

Email, correspondence and report templates save significant time wastage reentering data. Automated case creation and output save additional administrative burden. Less administration means more time to investigate, faster delivery and a better customer experience.

Business intelligence reporting not only saves time but also ensures consistency of reporting with data traceable directly back to each individual case and the actions and metrics recorded ensuring accountability and enabling informed decisions. 

NEW IN 2.4:

Enhanced Dashboards / Charts
Enhanced dashboards give users an improved UI to easily select, filter and navigate all their cases in real time.

Now includes real time billing information with user definable charts that can be saved for future use.

The ability to combine all the PDF files on a case into one large PDF with a custom cover page and index of all the included documents.

Cascading Metrics
The answer to one question or option effects the next question or option. In other words you can build forms using metrics.

Social Intel
With one click users can instantly search for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social media sites for accounts matching known information about an individual.

Mobile in Mapping Module: ‘Field Kit’
Actions on the Mobile App are now geolocated and viewable in the mapping module. They are also time and date stamped.

Last updated: September 17th, 2014