Allocation based on skills, location, case type and more

A key challenge to anyone managing a team is ensuring that the right person gets the case and has the bandwidth to complete it. Whether managing people or vendors / suppliers there is key data that can assist you in this process. Polonious helps you face this challenge in a number of ways;

✓ Automatic allocation
Allocation can be completely automated based on a number of pre defined parameters such as attached organizations, attached people, business unit, location and case type.
✓ Rotational allocation
If there is a group of people that have the potential to be allocated then cases can be allocated on a rotational basis.
✓ Workload management
When selecting a person for a role their current workload is displayed immediately and there are also workload reports that can be run or delivered automatically as often as you would like.
✓ Location filering
Allocation can be filtered based on a list of user defined locations.
✓ Skills filtering
Allocation can be filtered based on a list of user defined skills.

✓ Scheduling UI
Polonious has an advanced scheduling UI that allows users to immediately see all cases with unused budget and simply drag and drop that across to allocate work to individuals. With one action users can, allocate, edit event details (start, duration, notes, lock etc), automatically email the person allocated, the event is added to investigators schedule and an invitation is sent that can be added to their personal calendar. Critical events can be locked to ensure that they are not missed.
✓ Adding future actions
In any case an action can be added for an event in the future and this will allocate the event to the selected person, add it to their schedule and send them an invitation.
✓ Invitations sent
When events are added an invitation can be sent that can be added to personal calendar.
✓ Daily email update
Daily updates can be scheduled to be emailed that list the upcoming events for people.
✓ Mobile app
Scheduling can be enabled in the Polonious ‘Field Kit’ application so that when the new actions are synced to the server the schedule is updated.

Case hierarchy / linked cases:
When working at complex linked cases or projects Polonious gives you a single view of all the linked cases including their status and allocated resources. From this view a manager can;
✓ Drill in and out of sub hierarchies
✓ Attach and detach other cases
✓ Add new cases
✓ Selection some or all cases
✓ Update statuses
✓ Alter due and review dates
✓ Change allocated resources
✓ View a gantt chart of allocated hours and resources

Polonious mapping capabilities allow managers to;
✓ View / allocate the closest specialist
✓ See recent cases and subjects
✓ Identify future scheduled events in the vicinity

If your organization is not reaching its full potential because of operational inefficiencies or bottlenecks contact Polonious and see how we can help you.

Last updated: November 25th, 2014