App for investigators ‘Field Kit’ 1.1 Released

Field Kit brings your case investigations onto your phone or tablet. If you are already a user of Polonious, you will have learned to love its flexible and powerful workflows and tools to manage your case investigations. With Field Kit your investigators become even more productive as they can add investigation updates, record interviews and take photos or videos of suspects on the go – even with no Internet access available.


Once network access is (re-)established all updates, photos and videos can be uploaded to the relevant cases on the server with a click of a button. This dramatically improves turnaround time and reduces administrative burden.

Even if you do not have your own Polonious server instance to upload case details to for sharing with your investigation teams, Field Kit will be of great use. We have implemented two standard workflows to choose from: Surveillance and Factual investigations. With these standard workflows in place, you can use Field Kit to create new investigations, document your investigation progress, record voice interviews, take surveillance videos and photos of suspects.

Field Kit workflows are very flexible and cannot just be used to manage investigations. It can be used for managing complaints, running whistleblower platforms or any situations where case based information needs to be collected, managed, audited, evaluated and reported on through customizable workflows. If you would like to use Field Kit for any of these or other use cases, please contact us.

Download from Google Play Store

Download FieldKit from Apple App Store

What’s new in Field Kit 1.1?
In Field Kit version 1.1 we have implemented some exciting new features and enhancements since our first release of Field Kit:

– Geo-tagging of case actions: Actions that are created in Field Kit are now tagged with their geolocation. Once the actions are sent to the server, the Polonious mapping module can be used to visualise the actions on a map. (Note: Geo-tagging can be enabled/disabled in the Field Kit settings.)

– Unlimited number of cases: In Field Kit version 1.0 a maximum of 50 cases could be loaded from the server to the mobile app. Since version 1.1 you can now configure the maximum number you would like Field Kit to load. (Note: Although Field Kit allows you to load unlimited number of cases now, for performance reasons we recommend not loading more than 100 cases on older devices.)

– Attaching files to a case: In Field Kit 1.0 you could take photos, videos and record interviews from within a case action. Via the new “File” button it is now possible to choose any file stored on the device and upload it to the case. This allows you to e.g. add previously recorded videos or other attachments to cases.

– Navigate to address. If the case details which are loaded form the server contain a geo-coded address for a case, next to the address a map icon is displayed. When the user clicks on that icon, the device specific native map application is loaded an the area map is loaded. (Note: This feature requires a native map application as well as Internet connectivity.)

– Configure downloadable action types: A new flag in the administration section of Polonious “Action Types” has been implemented. The flag is called “Synchronise to Field Kit”. Only action types where this flag is enabled are downloaded to the mobile. This avoids downloading of unnecessary actions like “Email alerts”.

See Field Kit in Action video here.

With over 500 users of ‘Field Kit 1.0′ we are confident that number will significantly increase with the new features available in 1.1.

NOTE: Please sync all updates in ‘Field Kit 1.0′ before you update to ‘Field Kit 1.1′.

‘Field Kit’ can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores today.

Last updated: November 19th, 2014