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Polonious has always focussed on reducing the total time required to administer a file and that includes following the process through to invoicing.

Often invoicing applications limit their use due to restrictive licensing or require re typing of information captured in third party solutions delaying the process, but there is a better solution with Polonious.

Invoicing can be completed by anyone with appropriate security clearance. We can even add draft and approval steps to ensure there are no errors and that the information on the file matches the contents of the invoice.

Once approved the invoice can be created directly from Polonious and emailed to the client.

On a regular basis all you need to do export your invoices from Polonious into your accounting application and your books are up to date.

Polonious also supports;
✓ Complex customer pricing matrix ensuring that the correct rates are always applied.
✓ Custom invoices for various clients to ensure compliance with their requirements.
✓ Service and item based invoicing at the same time.

Invoicing from your production system assists in a number of key areas;
✓ Reducing leakage = increased profitability.
✓ Faster invoicing = reduced working capital.

If your organization is not reaching its full potential because of operational inefficiencies or bottlenecks contact Polonious and see how we can help you.

Last updated: November 25th, 2014