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“If a higher education provider loses its reputation for integrity, its continued existence is jeopardised.” – Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Guidance Note on Academic Integrity

An institution’s reputation for academic integrity is paramount. There are many challenges to this:

  • Contract cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Research misconduct
  • Cheating in exams
  • Offering and accepting bribes for admission or grades.
  • Fabrication or falsification of information.

An institution without a standardised, process-driven solution to these challenges, puts their reputation at risk. Polonious delivers:

  • The ability to enshrine the rules and policies of your institution in a systematic way.
  • Systems for reporting, monitoring and recording complaints and breaches.
  • Effective and consistent methods to deal with cases.
  • Analytics to improve policy and methods of teaching, learning and training.
  • Confidence in reporting of breaches, acknowledgement and action for all participants.


“E-governance is easy governance, effective governance, and also economic governance. E-governance paves the way for good governance. “ – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

In the increasingly competitive world of higher education with external forces on funding, ensuring good governance is more challenging than ever. Polonious will enhance compliance with policies across numerous and varied organisational units by setting core processes, while still allowing each area flexibility in operational processes around that core.

Polonious ensures that your institution will:

  • Follow best practice in governance.
  • Adhere to policy requirements while creating an audit trail.
  • Maintain a consistent approach to case management across faculties.
  • Track recurring misbehaviour, who is reporting it and who isn’t.
  • Accurately report on cases and statistics.
  • Analyse the relationships and behavioural trends with individuals and organisations.

By automating and capturing all misconduct data in one place, Polonious is able to accomplish these goals with very small administrative overhead. A layered approach to security allows control over which users see and interact with different parts of the system and process, ensuring confidentiality of student information, outcomes, witness and whistleblower identities, and so on, by limiting information access on an as-needed basis.


“Polonious was our choice a very conscious choice. Case management is very easy in terms of finding providers who can do it. There are lots of them of them out there. There are very few who have actually any idea about how to do it within a University system and even less who have done it in student discipline…”

Easy to use webforms
Simple web forms enable immediate capture of key information and documents, case creation and decisions, with on screen acknowledgement and continuing feedback via emails. This builds confidence in the process. A collaborative, secure, shared working environment, that records all decisions, actions and evidence involved in a case.

Communication by email enables you to record and capture:


  • Notifications
  • Responses
  • Documents
  • Decisions
  • Meetings
  • Sign Offs
Polonious records comprehensive statistics:


  • Accuracy
  • Timelines
  • Work load
  • Turnaround
  • Outcomes
  • Patterns and trends

All case data and evidence in one location. Reduced manual communication time with automated emails, texts, letters and reports. Reduce meetings, spreadsheets, file management, paper files and schedulers with one place to find all case information and documents. Generate logs and reports, and share them along with documents, updates and other case data via links automatically. This enables real time interaction with all parties involved. Full audit log of all interactions recording all changes and values prior to and after any interaction. Integration with data sources such as student, HR, and learning management systems.

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Subscription or purchase price model.
SaaS solution cloud based or onsite.
No desktop software required, just an internet browser.

Easy to learn and use interface.

“…Academic dishonesty violates the standards of our community, as well as the standards of the wider world of learning and affairs…” – Harvard College Honor Code

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